Getting Started

The Clinical and Translational Research Unit provides investigators and their research teams with resources, dedicated outpatient space and research personnel to develop and conduct clinical and translational research studies.  Research nurse support may be requested for studies conducted outside the CTRU in community hospitals and clinics.

Studies that utilize the CTRU require Institutional Review Board (IRB) and CTRU Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) approvals. Although these are separate committee approvals, the approval process occurs concurrently and is managed through the UGA IRB’s electronic web application (eResearch Portal). CTRU staff are available to help develop and conduct your research study at each step. Please contact us to determine how the CTRU can support your research and educational needs.

  • To learn more about the research capabilities and support services available through the CTRU, please visit our Services page. For specific inquiries, please contact us.
  • Tour the CTRU. We welcome UGA and community investigators as well as university students and trainees to visit the CTRU to learn more about the unit’s research capabilities and to meet the research  staff. The CTRU is located on the UGA Health Sciences Campus. Please contact us to set up a tour.
  • For an estimate of fees for our services, please contact us. Based on the merit of your proposed research, pilot grants or internal funding may be available.