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The CTRU welcomes everyone who would like to participate in our studies. These studies aim to benefit human health by improving knowledge, disease prevention and treatments. Your participation could have a positive impact on the health of people locally or around the world. See below for a list of studies currently recruiting participants, or sign up to receive alerts for new studies recruiting participants.

Studies currently recruiting participants

Antioxidant Responses to Exercise and Tart Cherry Consumption

  • Participants needed: Healthy adult men, ages 18-30 years, with normal body mass or body composition who exercise at least 3 hours per week, with at least 1.5 of those hours spent running.
  • What the study involves: Four study visits at the CTRU, one per week, that last four hours and involve blood draws every hour. There will also be two study visits at the CTRU that are about an hour and involve running on a treadmill. Meals for the day before each four-hour visit, as well as the breakfast meal during this visit, are provided. Participants will also undergo a DXA body composition scan. Participants who complete the study will receive $120.
  • Interested in participating? Email Kristine Polley at to learn more.

Investigation of epigenetic regulation of body weight and heart disease among individuals with obstructive sleep apnea

  • Participants needed: Men and women ages 21-75 who have done an overnight sleep study in a clinic and have either been diagnosed with sleep apnea or have been found to have no sleep disorders. Those with a history of cancer or chronic mental illness are not eligible, and participants must not be pregnant.
  • What the study involves: Participants will be assessed for vitals and standard measurements (height, weight, blood pressure, etc) and asked to provide a blood sample as well as provide information on demographics, medication regimen, prescription refill history and sleep study records. Study visit is expected to take approximately 1 hour. Participants who complete the study will receive a check for $50.
  • Interested in participating? Email or call the CTRU at 706-713-2721 to learn more.

More study announcements to come!

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